Office of Chief Information Officer Contract with Managed Service Provider

As identified in The Way Forward, the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) entered into an agreement with Flextrack Inc. to implement a Managed Service Provider (MSP) model. Under this model, Flextrack serves as the central agent to match OCIO’s IT and IM contract resource requirements with service providers. OCIO’s agreement with Flextrack will end in March 2022.

What does this mean?

This model provides opportunities for more vendors to conduct work on public sector IT/IM initiatives and the OCIO looks forward to building constructive relationships with a larger pool of vendors.

Flextrack’s Vendor Management System (VMS) distributes requests for work to registered vendors.  IT/IM vendors who wish to compete for OCIO IT/IM professional services work must register with Flextrack (there is no registration cost) to be eligible for opportunities.

Below is a high level overview of how the MSP program works:

  • Flextrack facilitates and manages the requisition, candidate review, documentation, time capture and billing processes for the Province in a vendor neutral manner.
  • Requests for new resources are initiated by OCIO Managers in the VMS tool.
  • Flextrack simultaneously distributes requisitions for resources to vendors, providing a level playing field for success.
  • Vendors submit and manage all candidates through the VMS tool.
  • Interviews, offers, resource documentation and engagements are all managed through the VMS.
  • Twice per month, vendors complete timesheets using Flextrack’s VMS and submit them online for government approval.
  • Once per month, invoices are generated and submitted to OCIO for payment.
  • OCIO pays Flextrack who pay the vendor within 5 days.

Flextrack Inc.

Flextrack is a privately owned Canadian company with a long history in the professional contract and temporary resource industry and is recognized as a leader in Managed Service Provision, Vendor Management Systems and Contingent Workforce Design. Flextrack currently manages the contingent workforce process for over 1,000’s of active contractors and over $1 Billion in annual spend under management.

Flextrack’s processes and technology have been designed with over 30 years of agency and vendor management experience. Flextrack has provided programs to some of the largest users of contingent workforce in Canada, North America, and across the Globe. Flextrack is also the only company that operates MSP/VMS programs for Canadian Provincial Governments including those in Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Flextrack’s 2017 presentation to NATI members can be viewed here.

Further Information

Vendors interested in offering their IT/IM resources through the VMS to the Office of the Chief Information Officer must contact the Flextrack Program Management Team at