Hunting Code of Ethics


  • Positively identify your target before you shoot.
  • Shoot only at appropriate targets or legal game.
  • Always practice safe gun handling.
  • Practice shooting skills and be sure your rifle or bow is properly sighted in.
  • Pattern your shotgun and know how it shoots.
  • Avoid hunting from roads.
  • Never store or transport a loaded firearm.


  • Familiarize yourself with provincial and federal regulations.
  • Know the effective range of your firearm or bow.
  • Teach others to become ethical hunters and to care for the countryside in which they hunt.
  • Get to know and support local hunting and conservation organizations.
  • Educate yourself on issues related to hunting, wildlife management and conservation that are important to you and share your opinions.


  • Act responsibly to avoid creating a negative image for hunters and firearm users.
  • Only harvest the amount of game that you can use.
  • Ensure that every effort is made to retrieve wounded game.
  • Complete licence returns and participate in surveys.
  • Access private property only with the landowner’s permission.
  • Respect outdoor users including other hunters, hikers, berry-pickers and cabin owners.
  • Report illegal hunting and trapping activity.