Regional Profiles

The following are regional demographic profiles that give an overview of regions within Newfoundland and Labrador with regards to their demographics, labour market indicators (employment and unemployment levels), and labour force information (occupational and industry information).

These regions are based upon Census divisional information with the exception of St. John’s (#12) which uses the Census CMA (or Census Metropolitan Area data) while the Avalon region (#01) is excluding the CMA data.

The link below is a map outlining the various regions of Newfoundland and Labrador that these profiles are based upon:
Map of Newfoundland and Labrador Regions

To view the overall provincial picture please click on the following link: Regional Profile for Newfoundland and Labrador

And to see other regional demographic profiles please click on the links below:

Region 01:  Regional Profile for Rest of Avalon (minus CMA)
Region 02:  Regional Profile for Burin Peninsula and area
Region 03:  Regional Profile for South Coast and area
Region 04:  Regional Profile for St. George’s and area
Region 05:  Regional Profile for Humber District and area
Region 06:  Regional Profile for Central and area
Region 07:  Regional Profile for Bonavista/Trinity and area
Region 08:  Regional Profile for Notre Dame Bay and area
Region 09:  Regional Profile for Northern Peninsula and area
Region 10:  Regional Profile for Labrador and area
Region 11:  Regional Profile for Nunatsiavut and area
Region 12:  Regional Profile for St. John’s CMA