Career Profiles

This section provides detailed information on some common occupations found in Newfoundland and Labrador; including main duties, work environments, forecasts, average wages, education and training requirements, and post-secondary programs available within the province to pursue a given career.

Title NOC
Accommodation service managers 0632
Accounting technicians and bookkeepers 1311
Accounting, Payroll and Related Clerks 1431/1432
Administrative Assistants 1241
Administrative Officers 1221
Advertising, marketing and public relations managers 0124
Agricultural Service Contractors, Farm Supervisors and specialized livestock workers 8252
Aquaculture and Marine Harvest Labourers 8613
Automotive Service Technicians, Truck and Bus Mechanics and Mechanical Repairers 7321
Biological Technologists and Technicians 2221
Carpenters 7271
Cashiers 6611
Chefs and Cooks 6321/6322
Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians 2231
Civil engineers 2131
Computer and Information Systems Managers 0213
Computer Engineers (except software engineers and designers) 2147
Computer Network Technicians 2281
Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers 2174
Construction Estimators 2234
Construction Managers 0711
Construction Millwrights and Industrial Mechanics 7311
Construction Trades Helpers and Labourers 7611
Contractors and Supervisors, Oil and Gas Drilling and Services 8222
Customer Services Representatives – Financial Institutions 6551
Data Entry Clerks 1422
Deck officers, water transport 2273
Early Childhood Educators and Assistants 4214
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists and Technicians 2241
Electrical Power Line and Cable Workers 7244
Electricians (Except Industrial and Power System) 7241
Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Assistants 4413
Engineer officers, water transport 2274
Facility operation and maintenance managers 0714
Financial auditors and accountants 1111
Fish and Seafood Plant Workers 9463
Fishermen/Women 8262
General Farm Workers 8431
General Office Support Workers and Personnel Clerks 1411/1415
Geoscientists and Oceanographers 2113
Hairstylists and Barbers 6341
Health Information Management Occupations 1252
Heavy Equipment Operators (Except Crane) 7521
Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics 7312
Home child care providers 4411
Home Support Workers, Housekeepers and Related Occupations 4412
Human resources managers 0112
Human resources professionals 1121
Industrial Electricians 7242
Information Systems Analysts and Consultants 2171
Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety 2263
Labourers in Fish and Seafood Processing 9618
Lawyers 4112
Licensed Practical Nurses 3233
Light Duty Cleaners, Janitors, Caretakers and Building Superintendents 6731/6733
Managers in Agriculture 0821
Managers in Aquaculture 0823
Managers in health care 0311
Managers in Horticulture 0822
Managers in natural resources production and fishing 0811
Material handlers 7452
Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians 2232
Nurse Aides, Orderlies and Patient Service Associates 3413
Nursery and Greenhouse Workers 8432
Oil and gas drilling, servicing and related labourers 8615
Oil and Gas Well Drillers, Servicers, Testers and related workers 8232
Other assisting occupations in support of health services 3414
Other Customer and Information Services Representatives 6552
Other medical technologists and technicians (except dental health) 3219
Paramedical Occupations 3234
Petroleum Engineers 2145
Post-Secondary Teaching and Research Assistants 4012
Power System Electricians 7243
Program Officers Unique to Government 4168
Purchasing and Inventory Control Workers 1524
Records Management Technicians 1253*
Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses 3012
Restaurant and food service managers 0631
Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers 0621
Retail Sales Supervisors 6211
Retail Salespersons 6421
Secondary, Elementary and Kindergarten Teachers 4031/4032
Senior Government Managers and Officials 0012
Social and community service workers 4212
Social Workers 4152
Specialist Physicians, General Practitioners and Family Physicians 3111/3112
Store Shelf Stockers, Clerks and Order Fillers 6622
Transport Truck Drivers 7511
Water Transport Deck and Engine Room Crew 7532
Welders and related machine operators 7237