Engagement Planning Tools

Our office works with government departments and agencies to plan, design and implement public engagement activities, including in person, virtual and online processes.

Public Engagement Guide

Engaging the public can inform and improve public policy. This guide outlines our public engagement best practices. The guide includes tips and suggestions on how to design and host a meaningful and effective engagement session. It helps answer questions such as:

  • When should our organization engage the public?
  • What sort of activity will help me gather the information, advice and insights our organization needs?
  • How do we plan a public engagement?
  • How can we design a meaningful engagement activity?

If you are considering holding a public engagement, please contact us.

To get started, you can download our checklist for starting an engagement process or our engagement and consultation plan template.

We also encourage you to download these templates to help you identify the stakeholders for your public engagement:

We also encourage you to check out:
Inclusive Public Engagement Policy

All public bodies are required to ensure their public engagement activities are inclusive and accessible for all people. This policy helps prepare, plan, and hold engagement sessions that are barrier-free. It is important to ensure that diverse perspectives are gathered in any public engagement. Barrier-free engagement sessions help increase participation.