Internet Safety

The Internet is a wonderful source of information, and social media and email can be excellent ways to communicate with family and friends. However, it is important to be aware that someone who has access to your computer may be able to see which sites you have visited and they may read your email messages and social media postings. Computer and internet use can be monitored and the record is impossible to completely clear.

Monitoring programs, such as spyware and keystroke loggers, can easily be installed by an abuser to track your internet and computer activity, allowing them to see what you’re doing on the computer (e.g., looking up safety plans).

If you are concerned your internet or computer use is monitored, use a safer computer (e.g., a trusted friend’s, workplace, public library). Use the safer computer to research an escape plan, look for new jobs or apartments or ask for help. You may wish to keep using the monitored computer for “safer” activities, such as looking up the weather.

The following links provide tips to minimize records of internet use that are normally stored by your computer while browsing on the internet:

NOTE: If you are being monitored, it may be dangerous to suddenly change your computer behaviours, such as deleting your entire internet history, if that is not your regular habit.

The following links provide additional information about internet safety: