Support Enforcement Program

The Support Enforcement Program performs a number of services related to the collection and distribution of court-ordered funds for support, maintenance or alimony. The authority for the establishment of the agency lies under the Support Orders Enforcement Act, 2006.

The Support Enforcement Program is responsible for:

  • Receiving and disbursing court-ordered funds for support, maintenance or alimony;
  • Issuing Notices of Garnishment (employers, banks, federal government); Registering Support Orders issued in the province and incoming Support Orders from other jurisdictions (final and provisional);
  • Transmitting Support Orders to other jurisdictions (final and provisional);
  • Initiating Default Summonses;
  • Tracing delinquent payers;
  • Initiating seizure and sale under the Judgment Enforcement Act; and
  • Receiving and transmitting ISO applications under the Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act.

For more information, please go to the Support Enforcement Program website.