Criminal Code Mental Disorder Review Board


The Criminal Code Mental Disorder Review Board is chaired by former Chief Judge M.R. Reid. The Board normally meets at the Waterford Hospital site of Eastern Health in St. John’s. Members of the Board are appointed by the province’s Lieutenant Governor in Council and include:

M.R. Reid (retired Chief Judge)
Mr. Randolph J. Piercey, QC.
Dr. Christine Caravan, MD, F.R.C.P.
Dr. John Angel, MD, F.R.C.P.C.
Ms. Peggy Hatcher, MSW, RSW, Counselor/Consultant

The Board is provided administrative assistance by the office of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Public Complaints Commission.


The mandate of the Review Board is contained in Part XX.1 Mental Disorder of the Criminal Code of Canada, R.S., 1985, c. C-46. The Board is responsible for reviewing and issuing dispositions related to the management of those individuals accused of committing a crime who have been found unfit to stand trial, or not criminally responsible by reason of a mental disorder.

For those who are found not criminally responsible the Board may choose one of three dispositions: an absolute discharge, a conditional discharge or detention, with or without conditions. For those found not fit to stand trial the Board may impose a conditional discharge or hospital detention. The individuals are reviewed at least annually (or more frequently at the discretion of the Board or the request of the individual, the crown, or the defence) and if found at a later review, to be fit to stand trial the Board must order return of the individual to court.