Human Rights Commission Panel of Adjudicators


In accordance with the provisions of the Human Rights Act, 2010, the Lieutenant Governor in Council shall appoint at least six persons, one of whom is named Chief Adjudicator, to act as members of a panel of inquiry into matters referred to them by the Commissioners of the Human Rights Commission. Appointments are for a term of three years and adjudicators may be reappointed.


The mandate of the Panel of Adjudicators is contained in the Human Rights Act, 2010. It is the responsibility of the Commissioners of the Human Rights Commission to determine which matters are referred to the Chief Adjudicator for hearing. The Chief Adjudicator may hear the matter or refer the matter to another adjudicator. Once a matter is referred, adjudicator shall inquire into the matter referred to him/her and give full opportunity to all parties to present their evidence and make representations through counsel or otherwise. The complaint referred shall be heard without undue delay. In performing his or her duties, an adjudicator has the powers of a commissioner under thePublic Inquiries Act, 2006.

The adjudicator will determine if the complaint is justified and either dismiss the matter or grant a remedy under section 39 of the Human Rights Act, 2010.