Family Justice Services

Family Justice Services (FJS) assist families in resolving separation and divorce issues.

FJS emphasizes the best interest of children and promotes dispute resolution outside the Court process. Dispute resolution occurs when parties talk to a neutral third person to explore ways to resolve their family law matters.

FJS provides the following services:

  1. Parent Information Sessions on family law and parenting after separation
  2. Dispute resolution in cases of custody, access, and child support
  3. Counselling services may be available for children and their families as determined by FJS

FJS does NOT provide the following:

  1. Assistance with division of property
  2. Legal advice. It is recommended that parties obtain independent legal advice
  3. Divorce applications

There are no fees for any FJS services.

How to Access These Services

There are two ways to access Family Justice Services: a Request for Service or a Court Application.

  • Request for Service

When both parties agree to try to resolve their problems outside of the court process, they may access dispute resolution services with FJS. A  copy of the Request for Service Form is available online as well as at all court locations and FJS offices.

  • Court Application

Parties may choose to make a court application for child support, custody or access. The Court will forward a copy of your application to FJS. FJS will then contact both parties to start the dispute resolution process.

After Intake and the Parent Information session, the mediator meets with both parties (separately and/or jointly) and assist the parties work out an agreement. If an agreement is reached, an order may be filed with the Court without the parties having to attend Court. If some but not all issues are resolved, the parties can choose to go to Court.

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