Intra-Provincial Travel Program

This program provides funding for youth from rural areas to visit urban areas to explore the educational facilities and available career opportunities. The Intra-Provincial Travel Program helps young people make more informed decisions about their future and to help them become familiar with post-secondary institutions and larger centers. The program is open to students in Level I, II, and III and is administered through the school system. Youth from more isolated communities are given first priority and the program assists with the transportation costs only. A teacher chaperone is responsible for coordinating all travel and accommodation arrangements for the group. It is recommended that there be one chaperone on the trip for every 10-15 students. The deadline for applying is November 30 of each calendar year.


Manager: Joanne Hogan

Curriculum and Learning Resources
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Telephone: 1-709-729-2440

Intra-Provincial Travel Program Application Form

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