Registering a Deed Document

The Registrar of Deeds

The Registrar of Deeds is responsible for ensuring that documents presented for registration meet the legislative requirements as prescribed in the Registration of Deeds Act, 2009 and the Conveyancing Act.


All documents submitted for registration must be originally signed with signatures witnessed by an individual authorized to administer an oath. If you did not have an authorized individual witness your document, you are required to complete an affidavit of execution whereby an oath of the witness is taken. Affidavit of Execution (64 KB), Affidavit of Proof (63 KB), and Affidavit of Value. (65 KB)

As required by the Registration of Deeds Act, 2009 each document submitted for registration to the Registry of Deeds in paper format will be required to be accompanied by a registration application form (338 KB). Documents submitted without this form will be returned to the submitter unprocessed.

Further, all documents presented for registration must contain an accurate, identifiable, written property description. It is advisable to engage a lawyer to prepare the documents to ensure compliance and facilitate registration. A listing of lawyers and law firms can be located on The Law Society of Newfoundland & Labrador website at: or the Public Legal Information Association of NL (PLIAN) can assist in providing a lawyer referral service.

All documents are indexed and scanned and then returned to the Registrant. Registrants should indicate the proper return address for documents submitted for registration.

Documents submitted for registration can be mailed or hand delivered to the Registry of Deeds address at:

Registry of Deeds
Service NL
Commercial Registrations Division
P.O. Box 8700
St. John’s, NL
A1B 4J6

Physical Address: 59 Elizabeth Avenue

Registration fees can be located in the Schedule of Fees. In addition, an online fee calculator can be used for calculation of the registration fees for a conveyance or notice of mortgage.

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