Pensions and Debt Management


The Pensions and Debt Management Division is responsible for the:

  • Oversight of the investment portfolio of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador Pooled Pension Fund
  • Financial management of three government-sponsored pension plans:
    • Uniformed Serviced Pension Plan
    • Members of the House of Assembly Pension Plan
    • Provincial Court Judges’ Pension Plan
  • Capital Markets and Financial Assistance Programs, which includes:
    • Coordinating and implementing the administration of the province’s loan guarantee programs including:
      • Corporate Municipal Fishing Vessels Crown Corporations
    • Administering several Crown corporations including:
      • Newfoundland & Labrador Municipal Financing Corporation (NMFC)
      • Newfoundland & Labrador Industrial Development Corporation (NIDC)
    • Planning and implementing the annual capital markets borrowing program for the province
    • Managing the province’s treasury bill program
    • Cash management and short term investment/borrowing activity
    • Research and analysis of the province’s debt and financial position
    • Developing presentations for credit rating agencies
    • Advising and assisting government departments and agencies in evaluating alternate means of financing
  • Debt servicing and financial risk, which includes:
    • Servicing the direct debt of the province
    • Management of sinking funds for the direct debt of the province, and guaranteed debt of NMFC and Eastern Health Authority
    • Management of financial risk associated with the province’s direct debt portfolio



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