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Updated: August 2019

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The Population Projections for Newfoundland and Labrador are produced periodically by the Economic and Project Analysis Division of the Department of Finance. The current projections were produced in August 2019.

The projections provide population by age (five-year age cohorts) and gender for various geographies in Newfoundland and Labrador until the year 2038.

Three different projection scenarios are available. The medium scenario is considered to be the “most likely” scenario and is integrated with government’s economic forecast. This scenario is the one used by government for planning purposes.

A Population Projection Simulator is also provided which allows users to observe the sensitivity of population projections to changes in key assumptions.

Questions and requests related to the projections should be addressed to the  Manager of Modelling and Technical Analysis.


Economic and Project Analysis Division, Department of Finance – (709) 729-3255 – infoera@gov.nl.ca